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Screw Piles

Reliable,low-cost foundation systems

  • Screw piles are the ideal alternative to concrete bored piers, with no spoil to remove, no concrete deliveries to co-ordinate and no reliance on multiple suppliers/contractors screw piles are the no-fuss, cost-effective solution to every site.

  • Screw piles make loose sandy sites easy to deal with, don't waste your time dealing with collapsing wet holes when there is an easier option.

  • With 3rd party engineering certification fo every install, there is no requirement for inspections by engineers or PCA's saving time and delays on site.

  • With typical installs completed in less than a day, with no mess, no fuss allowing you to get on with what you do best, Call IFS, we're "Better Downunder"

Call us to get a quote on your next project and see the difference.

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